oakland is calm. earlier today, when we were getting on the highway, we had to swerve to avoid a guy pulling a shopping cart full of bottles who was taking up the majority of the on-ramp. three bottles fell out of his shopping cart. he looked stunned. in berkeley some people were honking and screaming, but in oakland no one gives a fuck. people in berkeley - in concord, in pittsburgh, in antioch, in dublin - give a fuck. oakland does not exist to them. when they go to san francisco they say they are going to “the city,” as if they are not going through one city to another one. corcord, pittsburgh, antioch, dublin, and berkeley exist in relation to san francisco, not oakland. oakland does not exist. stein was right: there is no there here. it is halloween in oakland.

when i got on the bus, the bus driver had a transfer card stuck to her forehead. she thanked me for waiting for the parade of elderly asian women and men to get off the bus before i got on. she did not remove the transfer card from her forehead. was it a costume?